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At ahsystems group, we offer leading science and technology software solutions that help facilitate new discoveries at research facilities, government agencies, and universities.


HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry is the world’s most widely used computational thermochemistry application. Capabilities include calculations of mass balances, enthalpy balances, and phase equilibria in multicomponent multiphase systems. Read more…



HyperChem is a sophisticated molocular modeling environment that is known for its quality, flexibility, and ease of use. Uniting 3D visualization and animation with quantum chemical calculations, molecule mechanics, and dynamics, HyperChem puts  molecular model tools at your fingertips. Read more…


MolCode Toolbox and Database

The modules of Molcode Toolbox software predict a wide range of experimentally unknown values of properties of compounds  including physicochemical, biological, ADME-Tox, ecological pathways/ecotoxicity and adverse drug  effects. Molcode Database holds around 300,000 optimized (semi-empirical, ab initio) structures, their respective descriptors and property values. Read more…


Molegro Virtual Docker

Molegro Virtual Docker is an integrated platform for predicting protein - ligand interactions. Molegro Virtual Docker handles all aspects of the docking process from preparation of the molecules to determination of the potential binding sites of the target protein, and prediction of the binding modes of the ligands. Read more…


Molegro Molecular Viewer

Molegro Molecular Viewer is a free cross-platform application for visualization of molecules and Molegro Virtual Docker results. Molegro Molecular Viewer is able to visualize most common molecular file formats (PDB, Mol2, SDF) as well as docking results from Molegro Virtual Docker. Read more…


Molegro Data Modeller

Molegro Data Modeller is a cross-platform application for data mining, data modelling, and data visualization. The highly interactive user interface is ideal for fast and intuitive data exploration, as opposed to complex workflow based solutions or command-driven statistical products. Read more…